Our Apologies Mr. Franklin, but we could only keep it for 240 years.

Today Mr. Comey, the FBI director, announced that “No reasonable prosecutor” would be willing to take the case against Hillary Clinton for her bathroom server. Well actually its servers now. See that was some other info he gave us today. She had multiple servers.

240 years 1 day. That is how long our Republic lasted since Adams, Jefferson, Washington and those other brave souls created this great nation. Even then they had their doubts if it could last long. Mr. Franklin made that clear with his response of “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Well Mr. Franklin, to you and all those brave men who gave us this freedom, on behalf of all of us doing what we could to keep it, we apologize. We failed.

Clinton put private server in her home, allowed and encouraged classified information to be passed through it, and got it hacked. Anyone who doesn’t believe it was hacked is by definition, an idiot. After all if it wasn’t hacked, explain to me how wiki-leaks has her emails? Who by the way says they have enough info to indict her.

So maybe that’s what we have come to. In order to ensure the rule of law is followed, we must rely on non-US citizens with a website to show the world crimes were committed. No one can look at this and not realize she broke the law. Intent does not matter. Negligence does. She was negligent.

So now we move to the next phase of our downfall as a once great Republic. We now openly have two sets of laws. One for the people, and one for those who can insulate themselves in politics.

Washington warned about political parties usurping the country as a root of loyalty. Today we see that in all of its disgusting glory. Comey admits a crime took place, yet doesn’t believe there is enough evidence for a conviction. Shouldn’t a case like this defer to safety and let a jury decide that. After all we are only talking about someone trying to lead this country for the next 4 years.

To those men who pledged their life, liberty, and sacred honor, we profusely apologize, we no longer know what those words mean. We gave up our honor years ago, this is just another step in the destruction of western values and classical liberalism. Freedom can only exist when the rules are applied evenly and everyone knows the consequences of their actions. That also mean there must be consequences for your actions for all, not just some.

But hey, Clinton is going to be given a ride on Air Force one today with Obama to a campaign rally. Seems only fitting doesn’t it.

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This idiotic sit in by Democrats might be the best thing ever.

Now follow me on this before the pitch forks and calls of traitor come out. No I will never support taking away someone’s God given, Constitutionally protected rights without due process. I love my guns and anyone who ever tries to come get them, well.

But think about it this way. As long as these knuckle draggers sit on the floor of the House, the House cannot conduct any business. This means there is no chance of any laws passing. This means no new submissions by the GOP to Obama (this does not mean they will not ultimately capitulate).

Now does anyone think this will go on once some precious spending bill comes due? Please spending tax money is crack to these people.

For now, I’m relatively certain none of their stupid proposals will ever pass. Although if the law was changed so any U.S. citizen attempted to be placed on any government watch list had to be notified within 24 hours, and had to have a court hearing within say 72 hours, BEFORE any rights were taken away, I could consider it.

Once that happened people would be allowed to know they were being placed on a list, the government would have to prove why, and due process would be followed. But that’s not their goal and we know it.

Dems only want a crack to take away guns from everyone. Let this pass and I assure you the entire country would be on a list inside of 6 months.


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A Delegate Revolt?

First let me point out I have all of zero willingness to vote for Dear Orange. It will not happen. And if you think that puts me in the felons camp, then your not pay it attention.

Now I’m seeing the rumors that the delegates are forming a revolt and are trying to get enough to make sure Dump Trump happens. This is an interesting opportunity and anytime that happens two questions need to get asked.

Can you and should you.

If the answer to both is yes go ahead. But far too often we forget to ask both questions. Times like the government “should” do something.

Well right now someone should do something. There is no way I or others like me can vote for either of these crotchmonkeys. But even if the delegates can get the rules changed, should they?

What if this was different and it was Cruz as the presumptive nominee and the GOP was trying this to get someone like Jeb in?

I like the idea of dumping Trump because, well have you listened to that idiot? I will not be a part of the destruction of everything conservatism stands for but I just want to make sure we know what we are doing.

Logic is the very basis of conservatism. I understand the purpose of dumping him. But I can’t help but wonder if somewhere somehow we are missing something. I have no idea what that could be and there is nothing that will get me to vote for Trump or the felon but seriously is this the only way left?

But if it is the all head.

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Denying Delegates is just GOP Failure

The current plan by the GOP is not surprising. It is what they always do. Lose. At. Life.

Face it, when is the last time the Republicans won anything? Legislatively? Election wise? Anything? Don’t tell me about 2010 and 2014 that wasn’t the Republicans. That was one issue causing both of those. Obamacare. In 2010 the goal was to get rid of as many Democrats as possible in the hopes of repealing it in 2012 when it was certain a new White House occupant would be named.

Remember how that turned out? The GOP forced ol’ Mittens down our throat and we lost. Just like McCain in 08, just like Dole in 96, just like Bush 41 in 92. W only managed to win because the Supreme Court said he did, and only won re-election because, well, seriously it was John Kerry.

2014 was a direct result of Obamacare. People finally got to see it in action. The also got to watch Ted Cruz shut down the government in a last ditch effort to stop it. Everyone said he just cost the GOP its 2014 chances. What he actually did was excite and invigorate the base.

Now they have a new plan for proving they are losers. Denial of delegates, also known as #NeverTrump. So the ignorant plan isn’t to win the nomination. Well, at least they are admitting all they know how to do is lose. No the plan is to try to stop Trump from getting 1237 and then causing havoc at the convention.

What they refuse to realize is their only chance to beat Trump is the only guy who has beat him. Now admittedly Cruz has won 8 to Trumps 14 states, so its not like he’s crushing Trump here. But math. The math, just like the eye in the sky, never lies.

If they truly wanted to promote conservative values, and stop Trump, they would have forced Marco and Kasich to drop out after last Super Tuesday. Also can we stop calling them all super, it’s getting old.

They have a chance by forcing a one on one race with Cruz to stop Trump. I am not saying that would be a guaranteed victory but it stands a much better chance than the current deny delegate asshattery.

Now admittedly Cruz’s statements on the shutting down of Trump’s rally in Chicago were less than.. well they sucked. I realize some of you have decided that is enough of a reason to drop Cruz. So be it. I only ask to those of you who truly stand for conservative principles and have now decided to drop him, ask yourself who has done more for this cause recently. From his time as Solicitor General to his time in the Senate his record does speak for itself. I am not saying it is perfect, but I’m yet to meet perfection in human form.

As for Donald Trump. I get completely why people back him. The anger he recognizes is true and valid. The only question I still have of him is what is a win? If his convergence to conservatism is true then I will happily eat crow about my doubts. I have seen nothing to make me forget my doubts though. However, when given the choice of him, a socialist, or an unindicted felon, well that choice is pretty easy.

The thing is it really doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is what the voter choose. If enough Republican primary voters decide he is the man to lead the party, playing stupid denial games is only going to cause Cleveland to burn. By that same admission, I believe that while Trump supporters will not like it, if Cruz does walk in with the most delegates he should get it. After all Donald said the same thing at the last debate. But an attempt to take away the nomination from whoever wins the most delegates, even if that number isn’t 1237 is only another GOP determination to keep losing.

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NY values?

What are New York values?

That seems to be the question lately. When Ted Cruz said that Donald Trump represented NY values what exactly did he mean? Well let’s look at this in 1999 Trump gave an interview with Russert that stated he didn’t have problem with gays in the military, gay marriage, partial birth abortion and that he grew up in Manhattan. This was where he said those values gained from growing up there were different than those of Iowa or other places NY is just different.

Since the debate Trump has thrown out the heroic response of the first responders to 9/11, saying that is NY values. But is it? Does anyone here feel that responders in any other city in America would have responded differently? Or the thousands of people who flocked to NYC to help in the aftermath from around the country. So from that aspect I think what you saw in that response were human values. Christian values if you will. Willingness to help those in desperate need.

Or are NY values those that elected Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer to the Senate. Or values that elected a mayor that was so liberal he believed that a perfect use of government was to limit the amount of Coke you can buy at one time, or how much ammo you can carry in your gun. Or the next mayor who is so determined to stand with liberals and BLM that the police department literally turned their back him. Or is it the Governor who said that conservatives who believe in the 2nd amendment, pro-life, and against gay marriage weren’t welcome in NY because those were not NY values.

So ask yourself this? Did Ted Cruz really insult the people of NY or did he just point out exactly what they are. Now from what I hear upstate and western NY are much different than NYC. That maybe so, but the numbers prove out exactly what a majority of the voting public in NY consider their values.


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Excuses and Emergencies do not explain the Omnibus. Cowardice does.

To start this I want to bring up two sayings. The first is that lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. The second is that excuses are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink.

I bring this up due to the Christmas raping that Congress just gave us with the recently passed omnibus bill. The bill that throws over 1 trillion dollars down the place assholes do their business.

Paul Ryan wants us to believe that he hates omnibus bills, but what was he going to do? His excuse was that appropriations bills were actually passed this summer, they were promptly filibustered by Harry Reid and Democrats in the Senate.

See it wasn’t his fault as Speaker this happened.

So what happens? Republicans rolled over. They eventually gave up, let Paul Ryan negotiate a disgrace that gave Obama more than he would have gotten if just Reid and Pelosi negotiated it for him and then promptly came out in pubic to tell us that it was all we could get.

Because fighting was a step too far in the concept of Conservative and Constitutional values. Not that anyone is accusing Ryan of holding either of those as principles in his life.

After all the government was going to shut down you know. The same thing it does every weekend and federal holiday. The same thing that happened in 2013 due to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee forcing it over Obamacare. All of 16 % stopped working. That’s it. Those people who are deemed, non-essential, meaning those who are un-needed. That’s what shut down. The waste.

If you have a job in a private company and you are considered non-essential you will not have that job for long I assure you. In the government you get the media to scream to the world that a few moments of you not wasting government funds is a travesty on par with the dinosaur extinction.

Now how could this have been different? Well, for one if we had a Senate leader with a set, he or she would never allowed the Senate to go to recess. Continually bring the bill up over and over and over and over, all day everyday. Will you get some bad press in the media? Sure but who gives a damn. Break their will.

Now that would have solved the Senate side, the house side was even easier. Simply do nothing. No negotiations, no bringing up bills for votes, nothing. Tell the Senate very publicly that an omnibus bill will never be introduced in the House and any attempted to be passed in the Senate will be considered unconstitutional and not ever considered in the House.

How you ask? Simple.

A1S7 of the Constitution states the following:

All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

All bills for revenue shall originate in the House. They own all the money. We have been through this before on this site, I just like to keep bringing it up hoping it will sink in.

Would the government shut down? Sure. Does it matter? Nope.

Republicans will never win until such time those without a spine are promptly sent to the Democrat party where they belong and men and women of strict Conservative values are nominated, and promptly win elections

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The Constitution does not extend beyond our borders.

That is to say with the exception of U.S. citizens on our bases around the world. The Constitution is for the protection of American citizens from the federal government. It is graciously extended to those in the US both legally and illegally although an argument can be made against extending to the latter.

That means yes we can prohibit a particular group from entering this country. Those people do not have Constitutional protections until they are in this country. Therefore any immigration law is in effect Constitutional as long as it doesn’t affect U.S. citizens. Muslims in Syria or Iraq or whereverstan are not guaranteed any special right to come here.

A2S8 states that Congress shall make all laws concerning naturalization. Notice that, unlike the prohibition of religious tests for elected officials, it says nothing about religion here.

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Being Speaker is easy, the directions were written in 1776

Everywhere you read lately the GOP is either in a civil war, a herd of cats, or is completely unmanageable.

While the first part is partially true, the last one is not. See, there is no secret on how to manage and lead the House GOP including the extremely conservative members. It is very simple actually. LISTEN TO THEM.

The GOPe has had its own way for a long time. It could spout off what people wanted to hear in elections, avoid any contentious bills during election time and do the bidding of the big check writers. Now all of a sudden that doesn’t work.

Previously they would co-opt new members, or outright make sure the conservative lost ala Mississippi Senate race in 2014.

So what do these people want so badly as to destroy the GOP to get it? That is simple as well. The CONSTITUTION to be followed. That is all. No more CR’s. No more crisis budgeting. Actual budgets, force Obama to issue vetoes if he chooses, but you will never know until the bill is sent to him do you. Instead this “leadership” surrenders before the attempt is even made.

People want to know who to blame, Brett Bair on Fox News thinks that Ted Cruz is to blame since he is in constant contact with the HFC.

Well if Ted Cruz can single handedly shut down the government in 2013, and get one Speaker removed and the heir apparent to drop out before votes are even counted, then maybe everyone should step back and realize that Ted Cruz must be the most powerful man on Capitol Hill.

If someone wants to be Speaker it is pretty simple. Assign all funding bills to a month of the year. Budget submitted and passed by end of April, whether POTUS submits one or not.

One funding bill each month every month following that. Public debate over each dollar. Put the pressure on the Senate and that asshat McConnell. Then refuse any other bills until such time each funding bill is passed by the Senate. Do not allow them to combine them into a CR or Omnibus. Refuse to even take it up.

Force this government to follow the laws of math. No budget should ever exceed the average tax inlays of the average of the last 3 years. Remember the House owns the budget and the money. In this area everyone else gets to propose things, but the House and the House alone gets to make decisions.

Just like that, no more fighting from the conservative wing of the GOP. Harmony and happiness prevail. Hell to top it off, the debt would actually come down, deficits would disappear, and the economy would boom.

Couldn’t have that now could we.

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McCarthy quits, speculation grows. Conservatives chance is now.

When the news broke about Kevin McCarthy taking his ball and going home in the race for Speaker of the House my first reaction was


My second thought was


After that my thought was to congratulate the HFC and other conservatives in the House for standing their ground and doing the work of the people.

I have to admit, originally I just figured that he finally realized he was not going to get to 218 and decided not to take on a protracted fight. Sure he probably could have gotten Dem’s to vote for him eventually like Rep Charlie Dent seems to think is a logical way to elect a speaker.

If the GOPe thinks we are mean to them now, try going that route Mr. Dent. I can assure you, life will not be fun for a long time. But then again that is always the view of the establishment. Never work with the conservatives, it’s much easier to beg for help from Democrats. After all they both want the same things.

Then I started reading about it a little more and the rumors were pointed out to me. That’s right I had forgotten completely about the McCarthy Ellmers rumors. Even the letter that Walter Jones sent out didn’t cause those synapsis to fire again.

Now though things make sense. The real question though is this. Did the conservatives in the House force him out by letting him know they would make it public if he didn’t? If so, congrats, glad to see the gloves have finally come off. Now force him out of leadership completely.

Or was this more sinister. I noticed that after his announcement the election has been delayed. For how long is not known, just delayed. Apparently more time is needed to beat on the Conservatives and attempt to force them to accept a CoC loving hippie.

Then I read about how people were literally crying after his recusal. Actual damn tears. Are you kidding me? No wonder they always lost. Drunk, orange, and crying is now way to go through life.

There is no reason for delay. There are still people in the race. Although from the Establishment perspective not the “right” people.

So once again I issue a call to the Conservatives in the House. Who among you has the balls to stand up and lead. You have done great work so far. But much more can be done with the properly principled people in leadership.

You always want limited government here is your chance to be in charge of the branch that solely posses the power of the purse. Act on it, your country needs you. No more should lesser of two evils be the choice. It is time the people had a choice they could get excited about voting for and supporting instead of something to vote against.

If you are willing to put the Constitution, individual freedom, and personal responsibility above any politics, you will forever have the people, governments true source of power, firmly behind you.

I will warn you though. You will be ridiculed, mocked, an insulted by the left, the GOPe, and the media. You will not be the leader those groups want, but you will be the leader the American People need.

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Voter ID good, Fingerprints would be better.

So according to RedState this morning the ACLU is again fighting their never ending quest to remove any type of oversight concerning voter activity before the 2016 election. That means once again Voter ID is on the mind of every liberal out there.

Knowing that victory would typically elude them if playing by the rules, they simply want to change the rules. Well they want to prevent a system that would ensure confidence in the voting process so that felons, illegal aliens, and people who believe in the motto “Vote early vote often” are not disenfranchised.

Voter ID is a great plan, and opposite no other choice I am fully for it. Here is the thing though, every one of us already has a unique identifier that was given to us by God, and not the state. Your fingerprints.

Every year we use them to solve untold numbers of crimes, validate your not a criminal for the purpose of a job, and just about everything else we can think of. My church uses fingerprints for parents to check in and check out their children for bible study. So your telling me the church takes security more important than the State takes our voting rights.

Most of us have been fingerprinted at one time or another. Not just those of you who have worn the fashionable metal bracelets either, although that is an added bonus to this.

See in my plan when you register to vote you give an electronic fingerprint, or palm print, or thumb print, or hell all of them. Then all of that information, name, address, voting location, are uploaded to a central database of the State and the State only. One that is prohibited by law from ever being accessed for any reason other than fingerprint ID for the purpose of voting.

No selling the info, no personal access for anyone. Let the computer do what it does. The database will search new prints against all Federal and State databases.

This would do two things. First it would prohibit felons from even registering to vote. Second it would ensure you are who you say you are.

Now the third part of this is where it might get somewhat tricky. Since searching the entire database for every voter throughout voting day might cause system failures, each precinct will get a server with ONLY those people registered in that precinct. No registering while your there, if you move and you know its going to be right around election time, you need to make plans, vote early in your old district, or we could have a way for you to go online and move your registration to a new district.

Either way your name and fingerprints will only be in one precinct server come voting day, and that is the only place you can vote.

Now to those who think crossing state lines will help you, we would have to develop a way to allow the databases to “talk” before voting season. I would love a way to have it be instant during voting and show up if your trying to vote a second time, but time and processing power may limit that.

And the more points you add are points for failure.

The last part would be this. At the voting booth when you scan your finger, and your record is found, your PICTURE will show up right there on the screen for the poll worker to see.

Add to that a cop right behind whose only purpose is to arrest those attempting to use other peoples ID to vote and this might become a thing of the past. Any ideas to improve I’m open to listening.

Oh, I know cost is an issue some will have with this, but let’s be honest, as long as the people who built Healthcare.gov aren’t building it, servers and portals aren’t really that expensive.

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