Sorry Ann but your WRONG!

I’d say about 90% of the time I truly enjoy and agree with what Ann Coulter writes. However, her latest article makes me think she might have hit the eggnog a bit early this year. Ann tries to convince us with missives about Newt’s unelectability that Mittens is the only logical choice. Not only that but he is destined to become the nominee.

Sorry but NO. I refuse. As those of you who have read this blog at least once can tell I have serious problems with the Romney campaign. Most of which come from the fact that I feel him to be just like Obama. Very good speaker that you can project your views on. He will say whatever makes you feel good at the time. If that changes tomorrow with a new crowd, no problem, just change what his position was and if anyone calls him on it just say it needs to be clarified.

I also have a problem with a governor of a Northeastern state trying to claim to be a conservative. Even Chris Christie Ann’s other heart throb isn’t what you would call a strict conservative if you look at his record. He has great charm and loves to go after unions which I’m all for, but he’s still not someone I think I could throw The Handbook’s non-existent weight behind.

All which leads me to wonder. What exactly is Ann Coulter looking for in a candidate?

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