No more Federal funding of Nominating Conventions

From The Hill.

At least that’s what is going to happen if Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Mark Udall (D-CO) get passage of the bill they are sponsoring.

“Voluntarily returning convention funds would be a great act of leadership and statesmanship for both parties. Nevertheless, it’s time for Congress to act and end the practice of subsidizing annual convention parties with taxpayer dollars,” Coburn said in a statement on Monday.
If it passes the 36.6 million that would go to the conventions every 4 years will instead be returned to the treasury to pay down the debt. Before we all get excited lets realize just how little this will take away from our 15 trillion dollar debt. 
So this is what Congress does to make you think they care or have changed. 36 million over 4 years. Just like that (get out calculator) and we are looking at 9 million a year. That works out to just right around .000006% of our debt being paid each year with this. Well there we go. Finally the Tea Party can lay down and relax. The adults in the room have finally fixed the problem.
Excuse me but its complete crap. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad we no longer have to pay for the conventions but lets be honest 1) 9 million isn’t gonna make any kind of dent in the debt. 2) Why were we ever funding these things to begin with? 
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