SWATting and the letter to Holder

Eric Erickson at Redstate has put up some more information about the SWATting that happened to him. Luckily no one was injured and the police realized they had been sent on a wild goose chase. He’s not the first one to have it happen to him.

Contained in the post is a letter written by Rep Saxby Chambliss and signed by 80 members of congress, sent to Eric Holder to try to get him to do his job. Of course after today’s news he might not be very receptive to anything anyone with an (R) after their name requests.

Michelle Malkin talks about it here. And Allergic to Bull writer Aaron Walker has multiple detailed posts about how his life has been affected on multiple fronts at his site. Just visit it, will ya.

Notice at the top there is a link to donate to the defense fund of everyone that has been targeted by a convicted bomber and terrorist, Brett Kimberlin, that shouldn’t even be free. So if you feel inclined give the people that are truly fighting for first amendment rights some help.

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