Will Issa cave on Fast and Furious?

Getting home from work today, I began perusing the interwebs of news to see what I missed while I was at work. What I found wasn’t completely new but it did give some more information that quite frankly pissed me off, even though it shouldn’t have, I should have seen it coming.

Reports are out that Issa will meet with Holder tonight in an attempt by Holder to stop from being cited for contempt and then hopefully fired along with his boss. That in and of itself doesn’t piss me off what does is this small sentence of the story

Holder, in a letter to Issa delivered Monday, said the Justice Department “has offered a serious, good faith proposal to bring this matter to an amicable resolution in the form of a briefing based on documents that the committee could retain.”

Not the thousands of pages that Congress has rightfully requested as the oversight of the DOJ. Nope just a briefing of what is in those pages. So who here believes that Holder will allow incriminating evidence to be put into that brief? Yeah i didn’t think so either.
However, late Monday, Issa wrote Holder back with a strategy of his own. Not only must Holder deliver the roughly 1,300 documents pertaining to the Feb. 4 letter, but he must also produce a description of all the documents he will not produce. Issa says that document log is “essential for the committee to determine whether the department has substantially met its obligations.”

A little better but I still don’t trust it or believe it. In the words of Reagan “trust but verify” how in the hell are you suppose to verify a “log” of documents that is made up of the people that don’t want to give you the documents because they obviously hold something they don’t want people seeing. 
Now the truth really comes out. Boehner the spineless useless sack of crap that managed to weasel his way into the Speaker position along with his equally useless and spineless BFF Cantor are putting pressure on Issa to let this drop because it could look bad during an election year.
Once again, Boehner and Cantor are on the wrong side of well everything and can once again go jump off a cliff some where. I am so tired of getting progress and finding out that these two with their ignorant useless friend McConnel in the Senate have thrown us under the bus and floated us down the river so that they don’t anger their “friends” across the aisle. Grow a set. Politics is a big boy game, if you are scared thats fine, say your scared and get the hell off the field. 
Not only do they think that the investigation into one of the worst abuses ever perpetrated by our government but they also don’t support a contempt vote against Holder. There is talk taht Boehner would never allow it to come to the floor for a full vote.
Once again the biggest problem is we allow these people to stay in office so long they only think about what they need to do to stay in office. This is why I firmly believe that the only way to solve our problems is to start over with a completely new congress every 4 and 6 years. No halfways, no staying for a while. Come in and leave. Good bye, you’ve served your time now don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
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