House Vote on Contempt Charges scheduled for 5 pm

Unfortunately since I am in England, and actually have to you know, work for a living, I will probably be asleep or close to it by the time that vote happens. Especially since votes in Congress rarely happen at their exact scheduled time.

We shall see though. It is almost a forgone conclusion that Holder will be found in Contempt this afternoon. That just raises the question of what exactly does that mean.

Someone has to bring the actual criminal charges against him in front of a Grand Jury. Since the District Attorney for D.C. Ronald Machen has to actually bring the charges. Problem is Holder is his boss. Fox News asks the question can Holder just use prosecutorial  discretion since technically the DOJ has to bring the charges against the head of the DOJ and not prosecute himself?

If he could/did do that how bad would the fallout be?

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