Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II Honored by Poland

 A new statue of President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II that was unveiled in Gdansk, Poland, on Saturday, July 14, 2012. Both late leaders are highly reveared in Poland for their role in helping to topple communism.

In a complete opposite of the reaction he got in the home he actually lived and governed in for 8 years by his own countrymen, Ronald Reagan was given a statue with Pope John Paul II. Best part about this is that it is in none other than Ronald Reagan Park.

Funny how the people who were truly freed by two great men seem to remember and honor them a lot better than a bunch of brain dead homos who seem to believe that he caused AIDS.

Yeah I said it.

Turns out that this entire thing was paid for by Solidarity Members who some spent time in prison for their active workings against the Communist Regime. 

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