Joygasim: Boehner re-elected as Speaker

May we now get exactly what we voted for. A fool with no backbone and zero principals who is possibly the worst negotiator in the history of the republic.

I’m so glad only 9 Republicans in the house actually had the guts to try to remove this idiot from office. I’m sure this will work out wonderfully. Especially since Boehner now refuses to negotiate one on one with the President. Of course with him, that’s probably a good thing.
Of course his aids claim that they are just going to return to the actual purpose of the House which is to pass bills and send them to the Senate. After all our government was never designed to bills created and policy decisions made by two or three people in secret negotiations. (Not saying it doesn’t happen or hasn’t always happened, just saying it’s not suppose to.)

But don’t worry he is still going to meet with Obama as he needs. I would rather if someone locked him in his office and never allowed him to talk to anyone again.

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