Polls that make GOP squirm

So the AP released a new poll that will tell people what we already know. Nobody in the country likes anybody in Washington. The bad thing is that shockingly in this poll the GOP came out looking like the biggest losers.
And thus now you have the GOP that is going to want to go all soft and weak kneed because they actually thought that the media would allow them to look like they were winning, even though they are.

 Quite frankly I have never looked at polls as anything more than a vehicle to get a particular meme out there. Who are these 1227 people polled, where do they live, and what exactly are the questions asked.

While this article talks about a few people picked out of the group, who were the rest? There are about 330 million people in this country, and I am suppose to believe that a group of 1227 can tell me exactly how everyone across the spectrum feel? Please give me a break. The only poll any Senator or Rep need to look at is a poll in their district that actually contacted and got responses from at least 50% of the registered voters in their district. Outside of that, go the hell away.

Are you serious 1227 people. That might be the largest pile of crap in politics. Sure I understand weighting and all that crap, and its absolute crap. It is a way to get a talking point out there and make it look all official and stuff.

Shockingly the Senate GOP is looking to fold like the cheap suit we all know they are. Why because of results of an NBC Gallup poll. Are you F%$&#@g kidding me?

An NBC poll! Why would any Republican listen to anything NBC has to say? Oh wait is McConnel, Nevermind.

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