The IRS lies, Obama golfs.

So I haven’t been around much. Sorry, but we here at the Handbook took some time and worked on life and such forth. I really had no intentions of coming back yet, but with everything coming out recently with the IRS and the fact that they obviously have the worst IT department ever, or they have completely given up on even trying to come up with believable excuses lies at this point.

But in case you missed it we did capture Ahmed Abu Khattala, if you don’t know, he was one of the guys who was leading that spontaneous demonstration 21 months ago against the embassy in Lybia. I’m sure the fact that he has been interviewed on multiple occasions in public by Reuters and the NYT was the reason we couldn’t find him for 21 months. So why now?

I’m sure that the timing had nothing to do with the fact that the IRS just announced that the six people involved in the targeting of conservative tax exempt groups had anything to do with it. I mean they have never done anything like that before. Right?

But rest assured dear reader, the Senate and House are on it. People like Orrin Hatch have come out publicly and said that this is “.. starting to become very suspicious“. Starting to become suspicious. As in just now you think something might be going on there? Where the hell have you been?

Also in that little report there by CNN you will find something else that is interesting. Apparently at the IRS the individual employee got to decide what was important and offical and what needed to be saved.

To that, Koskinen and the IRS have said that federal law requires that only “official records” be kept permanently and that each staffer must determine which communication is “official” and which is personal or otherwise not official.

I have seen a few governemnt computers, everytime they come up with the same banner that everything I do is being logged, and saved. Also as I learned a few years ago, all email is considered official when it comes from your official email account, and will be saved as though.

Sure you can delete emails from your account, keep your profile clean and below the limit, that however, does not stop the server from remembering. The server always remembers, its almost like it was designed to do that or something. Oh wait. It was.

Of course it’s cool though, because while all this was coming out friday, the President was planning a new pivot to the economy and working furiously to make sure the IRS turns over everything that Congress asked for. Wait no thats wrong, he was golfing. Well at least he is consistent.

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