Rapist rapes teacher while in prison.

So there are a few things we take for granted when a useless POS rapist is convicted and sent to 30 years in maximum security prison. The biggest would be that he wouldn’t be in any position to rape anyone else (prison showers excluded). Turns out we are completely wrong on that part.
Take Jacob Harvey at the Meadows unit in Arizon which houses 1300 rapists, child molestors, and other sexual offenders. More on that little bit of news in a minute.

So here he was being given a GED test by a civilian employee with exactly ZERO guards around. She was given a radio, in case something happened. A radio by the way that was on the wrong channel. So when she was stabbed in the head with a pen and rapped, no one came to her rescue.

The prison claims this is due to underfunding and lack of resources. I could buy the lack of resources, what I can’t buy is why there is ever a moment in the day that this worthless piece was ever allowed out of his cell. He was originally classed as a level 4 offender, max being 5. Only a few months later he was reclassified lower. Three weeks later he assaulted another prison employee.

So we know that they didn’t have cameras, and no guards, and a woman was allowed into the unit that housed rapists, and child molestors, left alone and ended up getting assaulted and raped. There was no way that this could be seen coming.

To be honest I don’t completely blame the prison. I blame liberals who feel that prisoners should be given any kind of comfort and ability to do anything besides stare at 4 blank walls all day long. Just to make it easy on them, we will put a hook in the center of the room. Just in case they decide to do something useful for society with those sheets and stuff.

Back to the original part. 1300 rapists, child molestors, and sexual offenders. So we test alot of “smart munitions” that blow pu one building but leave the one next to it. Anyone really going to shed a tear if we make this the new target?

How this happened is obvious. A womans life was probably ruined because we feel this need to make prisoners feel like they aren’t in prison. Someone once asked, what are we suppose to do kill all the criminals. Well since a bullet is only a dollar. From a financial stand point….

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