The new House Majority Leader Update: McCarthy

Well its almost that time. Will the House recogonize the rebuke that was given to them by Eric Cantors loss or will they simply move his right hand man into his position? Odd say they don’t give a damn what you think so shut up already.

If/when McCarthy wins, you know liberal Democrat Republican from CA, I’m sure the base will be fine and accepting of someone worse than what we had. It’s not like we wanted someone with a spine and an actual ability to read the Constitution or anything like that.

Either way it should be happening here soon. I’ll make sure to come back and give some amazing in depth analysis of why the GOP hates you.

As expected McCarthy wins. Thats right the GOP decided that a man more liberal than the man that was recently rebuked and told to get his ball and go home, was the perfect choice to move into his slot.

For anyone out there who thought there was a chance that the GOP would listen. Here is your answer. They don’t hear you because they don’t like you. They want you to go away, and they will continue to ignore and outright defy you until they are all removed.

Ready to talk about retroactive term limits yet?

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