Obama announces failure

So in an effort to help scared Democrats in the Senate this November Obama announced today that he would wait until after the elections to order mass amnesty. Where he believes he gets the authority to do this is a mind twist that contortionists can’t understand, but that’s for a later date.

The better question is how does he think this helps exactly? Everyone already knows what he’s going to do it is not exactly a secret. Maybe he thinks we might still be willing to believe he might not do it. Is it possible that he still thinks we are that dumb and gullible? I mean I know some out there are, but the people that will actually go vote this November?

Well now that that is settled, the White House announced that Tuesday Obama will meet with Reid, Boehner, McConnell, and Pelosi to discuss a strategy on ISIS. Because when complex military matters are involved those are the 5 idiots you want making the decisions.

Support is there across the board to kill ISIS. Very few in Congress will vote against it. So what exactly is the purpose of this meeting, besides acting like he is doing something? Nothing will come of it and Wednesday morning we will still have no strategy.

Is he trying to find out what Congress will vote for? Is he expecting Congress to limit his ability to do such things as boots on the grounds or anything like that? While Congress must authorize the money and force, the President is pretty well set Constitutionally on how to actually fight the war.

So with two American Journalists beheaded already, and basically no response, what exactly will it take? A terrorist group has set up a state inside another country, who by the way has asked for our help, yet we do nothing.

I am not advocating full invasion and nation building again, I am however advocating the complete and total destruction of ISIS, and whatever that takes. We must be willing to make the point in the only language they understand. It must become so painful for them that they unconditionally surrender the fight. Since they probably won’t do that. Killing them all seems to be the best option to me*.

Not that anyone is actually listening to reason in this administration.

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