Obama’s vacation request

It would seem that the incessant rounds of golf and the continual trip to everywhere by his family is not enough for Obama. See as he told Chuck Todd today, what he really needs is a vacation from the press.

That’s right. The same press that slobbers over him at every turn. The same press that refuses to say anything negative about him. He also wants you to know he cares deeply about the beheadings and such forth, he just doesn’t know how to control optics.

You heard me, the President elected on optics, who treats every photo as a publicity stunt, doesn’t understand optics. But rest assured it is not you the normal people who don’t get him, it’s that pesky media who is all of a sudden asking somewhat uncomfortable questions causing the problems.

It is also worth noting that Chuck Todd had to remind him he doesn’t go on permanent vacation until 2017, much to the dismay of all of us, and Chuck Todd. Though for completely different reasons.


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