More proof stupid is all around us.

So according to Fox News this morning the parents of two Delaware teens got their kids arrested. How did that happen you ask? Why would someone have their kids arrested?

Well it turns out their kids decided to body slam, kick, stomp and punch a 26 year old mentally disabled man. So their parents found out and turned the little shit’s in right? Teach them a lesson. Ummm.. No not so much.

See these MENSA members were getting threatening phone calls about those future productive members of society they had raised. So they went to the police about it. Only problem was they were getting those calls because a local teen had posted a video of the beating online, along with their personal info.

Once the cops took a peek at the video all was made clear. An investigation took place, it was confirmed the teens were infact douchebags, and arrests were made. Sometimes justice is poetic, no?

So as a cop once said, there is no amount of police work that can equal the sheer stupidity of criminals. Or their parents it would seem.

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