Ravens and NFL do what should have been done in Feb. Cut and Suspend Ray Rice

The full video of Ray Rice punching his then fiancee came out today. Previously all that was publicly seen was the video of him dragging her lifeless, unconcious body out of an elevator and through the hotel halls of a Casino in Atlantic City.

That cost him 2 games and some slap on the wrist, wink wink, nudge nudge penalty from a prosecutor in N.J.

Today the NFL’s worst fear happened. After the backlash they received from the inconsequencial 2 game suspension, one they handed down claiming they never saw this video. Which if it is true is from willful ignorance. They didn’t see it because they didn’t want to see it, and they hoped it never came to public eye.

Well now it has, so the NFL realized something had to be done. The Ravens cut him, and the NFL suspended him indefinately. Great job guys, only about, ohhh 7 months too late. This should have happened the day the first video came out.

Now you have Ray Mcdonald for the 49ers that was arrested on domestic assualt charges last week, only to play on Sunday. Now in his case there is no video showing him dragging his lifeless finacee/girlfriend/wife through a hotel, but really while not suspending him until charges are proven, how bout inactivating him at least.

Give yourself time to do some investigation and see what really happened. Then make an informed decision. Show that if you get arrested for this, you will not be playing. Maybe if enough examples are made, changes will happen.

To those who say the NFLPA would fight on the behalf of Ray Mcdonald. Let them, who wants to be known as standing up for the wife beater?

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