What exactly is the Politics of Terror?

The Hill today has a story that the Politics of Terror are back in a huge way. Right there main spot front page, all with a picture of Obama at a podium and the ghosts of Bushes and Cheynes’ past Star Wars style behind him.

The story really had nothing quite revealing about it. It talked about how Democrats are scared of this being one more thing to screw them this November and the fact that Obama has no idea what he is doing in life, much less about such important matters as international security.

No the reason I bring this up is the last line in the story. According to Sen Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.)

“I assume, if you did a poll this morning, that dealing with ISIS would be somewhere near the top,” he added.

“Had you done it six months ago, it probably would not have been on the poll’s list of questions.”

The question is, should it have been. ISIS is not new. We have seen the beginnings of it all the way back to the Arab Spring and specifically the Syrian civil war. It’s not like these guys just magically grew in power and money overnight to take over large parts of Syria and Iraq.

Hell even Dianne Feinstein admits that this may be the most well equipped army in the middle east outside of Israel. One does not take that ranking overnight. If you believe that our Golf enthuasist of a President had never been briefed on the growing threat, then you are sorry to say, an idiot. Of course this is the same President that routinely skips his PDB and rarely has any questions about it. Also he doesn’t have it briefed to him, he reads it on his own. Sure he does.

If he truly reads it, and actually understands it, which is a completely different question, then I have no words.

We knew leaving Iraq when and how we did was going to cause a power vaccum. Everyone publicly said it. But we pulled out anyway. Why? Politics. God forbid he do something even close to what GWB would have done. Because of that we released the leader of ISIS from prison.

Here dude, have some freedom, be sure to kill us when you get the chance.

Face it folks, we have elected the least capable person on the planet to lead our country in any fashion. He admittedly has no plan or strategy, and it wasn’t until people told him what a dumbass he looked like for that comment has he tried to come up with something. That he will announce Wednesday in a speech, full of greatness I’m certain.

Over/under on him stating that he removed troops from Iraq because of Malaki at 5. After all it wasn’t his decision.

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3 Responses to What exactly is the Politics of Terror?

  1. JImbo says:

    Nothing is ever his fault. He is just an innocent bystander.


    • Its not like he has a team of people who’s only purpose in life is to give him exactly that kind of info. We should understand his pressure and just let him play more golf.


      • JImbo says:

        Well his spokesman Josh Earnest already said he has lots of responsibilities as President. One of them is twice daily golf games. How can we greedily demand he ignore that commitment and focus on trivial things like global terrorism or the US economy? That is asking quite a lot. Do you realize it must take a whole ten minutes to read his intel brief in the morning? The greens wait for no man! Especially with tha fund raiser in the afternoon. Why waste time?


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