When and where will the next 9-11 happen?

As a kid I played the game Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. Overall, by todays standards, horrible game. Yet, at the time it could hold my attention.

I feel like we are playing that game on a much more deadly scale these days. With the news that 11 planes are not where they are supposed to be. And the idea that some not very sane people are in possession of them tends to make the pucker factor jump a bit when you step back and think about it.

What are the planes going to be used for, if anything. It is very possible they took the planes to show they could, but that wouldnt make much sense. Although skill and training level of any pilots they have to take a plane long distance is yet to be determined.

I am skeptical they could fly one to the U.S. and hit us, though I won’t rule it out. With air corridors and such it would seem rather easy to spot a plane that shouldn’t be there. Then again 9-11 happened. Albeit under different circumstances.

But what about the region. Surely the could get one to say Rome maybe? Other areas of Europe? How much of a sight would a plane crashing into the Collesium make? Headlines? Again though, flying a plane that far should be hard to do and not be noticed. Although being a dithering idiot and twice elected to POTUS should be impossible, but we all know how that turned out.

So will anything happen in 2 days? I have no idea. I know that terrorist the world over would love it if it did.

My point is this. 9-11 should never come without a drastic rise in our defense posture throughout the world. We have been hit twice on that date now. How many kicks to the balls does it take before you stop standing behind the cow when you brand it?

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