Get your weed with your welfare!

That’s right. In a letter to Sen Jeff Sessions (R-AL), HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell admits that in states that weed is legal, you can use your welfare card to get you some smoke.

Can’t use that same card to get beer, or gamble, or a lap dance, but weed is fine. Now to be clear the letter admits that you can access ATM’s inside of businesses that sell weed. How and why we allow ATM usage at all of a welfare card is beyond us here, but it is allowed.

States can lose money if people get caught using them illegally, and the state allows it. Let’s put aside the fact that anyone using the ATM at a weed store is using it to buy weed. Well maybe they sell cheeto’s and they got the munchies, but either way, the person has the money for weed. Which means that money they are receiving in “aid” isn’t as needed as the person claims.

I have no qualms with someone doing what they want. You want to smoke weed, go for it. You want to smoke cigarrettes, drink whiskey, whatever, have fun. Don’t go on public assistance if that is what your using it for. Maybe that money your using for those things could have better use in your life.

Food stamps use to bring a stimga with them. People didn’t like using them, it embarrassed most people who did use them, further pushing them to find ways to improve their life and get off of them.

Now that is gone. Just swipe your card, no different than any other bank card. No one has to know you can’t pay for the brood of children screaming behind you.

But people call me a heartless prick. So be it. Tell me those people didn’t make choices to end up where they are today. Now we have made it so making more piss poor choices is even easier. Good job folks!

Although Burwell does admit in the letter that the Feds are limited in what they can do. Which as we all know is a complete reversal from the normal Obama narrative. I guess the phone and pen don’t cover this particular evolution.

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