IRS going after Breitbart News

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So I only post this cause it bears repeating early often and by as many people as can get the story out. It seems that the IRS just can’t learn when to shut up and walk away. The people there were never taught the idea of losing quietly, or of personal shame apparently.

Either way, something tells me that Breightbart News isn’t exactly scared. In fact, they might actually be excited about this. I mean think of all the fun stories they can produce now each time the IRS comes back for a new fishing expedition to find nothing.

So because they are lacking braincells, or maybe they just huffed alot of paint last week, the IRS has decided to audit Breitbart News. Brilliant.

Someone pass the popcorn and snowcaps. I think this one is going to get interesting.

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2 Responses to IRS going after Breitbart News

  1. JImbo says:

    Reblogged this on The Readneck Review Blog and commented:
    You can’t say they lack the cohones. Or maybe they just don’t care, confident that the President (and his buddy the Attorney General) will protect them from all consequences?


  2. If you spend a lot of your time ranting about the unfairness and illegality of taxes, how would expect the agency tasked with collecting taxes to respond? If they aren’t cheating, they will come through just fine, and have more justification for ranting.


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