Obama to save world with ISIS speech today

So today Obama shall join previous Presidents who came forth to issue proclamations which endeared them to history when faced with war. Those such as Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, FDR’s Pearl Harbor address to Congress, and Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate speech.

From henceforth the world will always remember him for the powerful, unforgettable words he will deliver today, inspiring America, and forcing our enemies to understand our strength and determination. Right?

I did not include GWB’s 9-11 speech up there, but as much as people hate him for making the statement that you are either with us or against us, the message was understood by all. The U.S. would no longer stand by and do nothing.

Something tells me todays speech will fall somewhat short of any message that scares any of our enemies, nor will it unite the American people to understand the reasons we must fight. No, sadly, it will be more equivication and refusal to say what must be said, and with that do what must be done.

We left Iraq because he decided it was time. Not our military commanders, not the situation on the ground, him, and the politics it represented. Today we are left with a “leader” that can neither lead, nor inspire anyone to follow.

Leaders must be decisive, whether that decision turns right or wrong, a decision was made and will be dealt with. If it turned out wrong, adjustments will be made, the mission will be executed.

Is there really anyone out there who doesn’t believe we could take ISIS down in less than a month if we truly decided to? The American people may have not want troops on the ground, and Congress may be utterly useless at life. A real leader, a real President would stand up and say the truth today, then he would act on it.

When ISIS manages to sneak one of their western fighters back into the U.S. and some building goes boom, we can all look back at todays speech and know how much different it could have been.

So I guess I was right, todays speech will go down in history.

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