POTUS Speech Review

Sitting here watching the POTUS speech while I write this. In the very beginning of the speech he comes out with the moonbat lies that the left loves. First, he still can’t bring himself to call ISIS, ISIS. Then he goes on to tell us that ISIS is not Islam.

While I’m sure that is news to them, since you know, their name is Islamic State, but I guess they have a different meaning in the White House.

He then speaks about the people that are leaving the western countries and training and fighting with ISIS and that those people have the ability to come back and attack us. What you never hear is what exactly we are doing to prevent those “battle hardened” fighters from coming back.

He claims that it is an international force that will be doing this fighting, although as reported by Fox News that is a total of 9 countries. In contrast Bush did it alone with 40ish countries. We are going to arm and support the opposition in Syria, which is who exactly. Just a couple weeks ago he said there was no opposition in Syria to rely on and think about. So what exactly changed?

Did you know that now that Iraq has a new government it is safe enough to send troops to Iraq? I didn’t know that until tonight.

He then goes on to say that we will use U.S. air power to support troops on the ground. Not our troops mind you, and those troops are yet to be determined, but we will support them. Much like the same policy that we have used so successfully in Somalia and Yemen. Wait, what? When did anything in Somalia become a model for success of anything? I have no idea where this guy gets this stuff. Seriously if he is using Somalia as his benchmark for success then we should all recalibrate our expectations of well everything.

After listening for the 15 minutes of my life I will never get back, I realized our strategy is still, sit back do as little as possible and hope someone else steps up and takes care of this problem. Because it is obvious that we aren’t going to fix it.

So we got a campaign speech. Not a war speech to rally the American People and show the confidence we need to have in our Commander in Chief. His numbers suck. ISIS destruction may be the one thing that almost all Americans agree on.

So overall we got exactly what I said earlier today we would get. He had a chance to make an impactful speech tonight that would prove his mettle and ability to lead. Instead we got an Obama promotion speech about the great things he will do, with very little on how those things will happen.

While GWB had his faults, he would make a decision, and he was very determined to keep America safe. Anyone really think we would still be wondering what to do with ISIS if he was still in office?


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