Why are We For Net Neutrality Again?

Very well said. Monopoly is monopoly whether it be government blessed or not. Want internet to improve even faster allow true competition to come in. The free market always make things better for the consumer.

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I’m afraid I’m AGAIN going to piss a lot of people off. I simply don’t get the whole “Protest For Net Neutrality.” It sounds a lot like the same arguments being made for the Minimum Wages laws.

The current rule in place is supposedly “Net Neutrality.” A website provider is supposed to give equal space and SPEED to each user on their websites. In theory, this is happening and it’s fair and everyone gets free speech.

My question is… IS IT “FAIR”? Is it happening that way? Does anyone know? Is the current rule “working?”

Next, I have to ask… even if it were, would that be a GOOD thing?

The protester reasoning further concludes that eliminating the “Net Neutrality Rule” will lead to widespread screwing of people by their Internet companies.  The companies will effectively STOP content they don’t like from going through.

Technically it would be…

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