Dec 7th, Sept 11, July 4th and a rant

December 7, 1941 is a date that will live in infamy. September 11, 2001 will be the second date in our history that is remembered for the pain inflicted.

Throughout our history July 4th has been a date that an almost unbelievable amount of country shaping events took place. The Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg was July 2-4, Jefferson and Adams both died on July 4th 1826 only 5 hours apart.

FDR gave one of the most moving, inspiring speeches with Pearl Harbor and asking Congress to declare war on Germany and Japan.

GWB’s most famous line of your either with us or against us, before he went to Congress to ask for approval twice to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now we have a President that can’t find the time nor the inclination to do either aspect of it. He can’t give a speech to unite and inspire America because he doesn’t believe it himself and he can’t go to Congress because politics might make someone’s re-election prospects that much harder.

Neophytes should not be in charge. The naïve should not make policy.

For all of their faults, and there are a litany list of them, both GWB and FDR made a decision and did what they believed to protect our country.

Both also followed the Constitution in this regard. They went to Congress to ask for and receive permission to engage our troops in war.

Their understanding of the Greatest Document Ever Written may have been challenged by other things they did during their administrations, on this most deadly of actions they followed the Constitution.

Obama could receive extreme support from the country and Congress to destroy ISIS, but he doesn’t really want Congress to vote. Some members of Congress really don’t want to vote, but is that what we have come to?

No matter what the issue the politics will always trump everything? So you make some people take a vote they don’t want to take. Isn’t that the purpose of being in Congress? To make the hard choices and from time to time when needed piss people off?

Maybe I am the neophyte. Maybe I am just no hip to the ways of D.C. but shouldn’t someone be forcing people to follow the Constitution and do their jobs? Is there no one there more worried about preserving our Republic than they are about their election chances?*

*That is rhetorical, I have been drinking a bit, but not that much.


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