Beheadings and personal insulation

head-in-the-sandWe spend alot of time in this country arguing and screaming about random things that make little to no difference in life. Our personal lives matter more than anything else, and that is just the way we are wired. Things that can affect you personally are much more likely to catch your attention than some theoretical argument being bandied about by politicians.

We tend to forget there is a world out there though. Not everyone individually, but as a country our national attention span is only so long. The debate about national debt, Obamacare, government shut down, all have their moment in the sun. Elections are close so amnesty, the border and everything one politician can sling at another to steal one vote will come out.

Yet we forget and get complacient. On today of all days we should remember that. Complaciency kills us. There is an entire world out there that wants to see nothing more than our destruction. Russia wants to become the international force it once was, China wants to claim the Pacific as its own basically, and the middle east is full of people that would love nothing more than to see the U.S. become a smoldering pile.

Yet we ignore it all. We get focused on things and allow our politicians to tell us, Oh we have the TSA so airlines are safe now, we are pulling out of Iraq because smart power or something, but it’s ok ’cause it’s safe now.

Yet rarely do we step back and realize no, no it’s not. GWB predicted the fate of Iraq years ago before the surge. Anyone who has studied any history could tell you exactly what was going to happen as soon as we left.

We didn’t destroy our enemy to a full complete unconditional surrender. We don’t fight wars that way anymore. We are no longer interested in the one rule of winning warfare. Make the battle so painful for your enemy they no longer want to play.

Our enemies understand this. That is why they will do such barbaric acts as beheading journalists to get our attention. They want to make it painful for us. They want to make you squeamish, make you not want to pay the price for freedom.

Freedom is expensive, it cost money and it costs blood. Those not willing to pay the toll will never cross the bridge from tyranny. Make no mistake, that is truly what we are fighting. A group of people that believe in tyranny.

It is truly sad that we have to have two journalists beheaded to get the country to be willing to kill those who’s stated desire is to kill all of us. We must truly be the paper tiger.

We have let Russia run roughshod over Europe. We have allowed a somewhat stable Iraq to complete dissolve into chaos, and to make matters even worse, when people were being brutally raped and murdered because we failed to do our job, we weren’t willing to help them until we were forced to.

Even now, we have no plan. Germany and the UK have already said they want no part in bombing Syria. Some coalition you got there.

We could win this war if we wanted. The problem is we refuse to pay the price that freedom costs, we have become too cheap. The anti-war left and those who believe that we should have a smaller footprint in the world have convinced the American people that the world will remain safe, and fewer people will want to kill us if we just back off.

Much like the ostrich we have stuck our head in the sand. In the 1990’s we had our head in the sand and a group snuck up and kicked us in the ass. Are we truly willing to let it happen again?

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