Never Forget!


13 years ago today we suffered a horrible tragedy that should never be allowed to be repeated. The sad part is we have become complacent, less vigilant and willing to allow the left to pull us into the exact same state of mind we were in before 9-11.

We see terrorism as a criminal matter, we allow the border to have more holes and leaks than a sinking ship, and refuse to step back and really force the left to focus and admit what open borders will bring with them.

So today I chose a picture of the twin towers the way they were before 19 bat shit crazy ISLAMISTS decided to bring them down with planes. So today as you watch the roll call of the names of those who died, think about that. We have changed almost zero when it comes to finding people who have overstayed Visa’s like they did. We refuse to secure the border, and we have a President who last night told us that the Islamic State is not Islamic.

Look at those buildings, realize what we had, and how quickly it was destroyed. Then sit back and truly contemplate if you are doing everything you can to make sure our government never allows this to happen again.

Our hearts and prayers from The Handbook go out to everyone today who was affected by this disgusting act.


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