No challenges to Boehner and penalties for anyone who votes against him.

According to the National Journal, a new rules proposal is being submitted by House Republicans that would strip anyone who votes against the Speaker on the floor of committee memberships. Allegedly it is not coming from Boehner himself or his aides, but his allies in the House.

So let me get this straight. Boehner knows the conservative wing of the House hates him, so his allies do this protect him. This is quite frankly disgusting and Boehner should be hammered on this until he ensures it never passes or ever even gets brought up.

I would say that if he doesn’t then everything possible should be done to remove him from his speakership. But that would be a problem since no one is considering running against him.

So let me get this straight Conservatives? No one thinks they could do a better job than an asshat that continually screws you over? We elect conservative members with the expectation they will go to Congress to lead and stop the insanity. Instead they fall in line and leave asshats like Boehner in charge.

The other idea is to force those who refuse to pay dues to the NRCC of any top level committee memberships.

The statement is very clear. Get in line or have the establishment do everything they can to marginalize you.

So what I am hearing is no one in the House has the nuts to go after Boehner? How can this be? The man who thinks amnesty is a great plan can’t find an opponent? The man who has failed at every turn while negotiating with Obama so badly he had to quit trying, can’t find an opponent?

Conservatives have floated an idea to push back elections to the end of December. As the story notes this would interfere with indoc for the new members. Something tells me that they can do more than one thing at a time.

The idea of pushing back leadership elections would be to make sure people like Boehner and his asshat friends can’t push Amnesty through during the Lame duck with no consequences.

I will never get over just how badly the establishment of the GOP hates and fears the idea of someone with principles being elected to Congress. When you align more with your opponent in the other party than your own base, maybe you need to take a look in the mirror and decide where you stand. Of course to do that one would have to have principles that they refuse to violate. As we all know that particular trait is very few and far between in D.C. these days.


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One Response to No challenges to Boehner and penalties for anyone who votes against him.

  1. Disgusting… Boehner needs to be replace as much as Obam.


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