Ebola in Mobile AL?

As of right now the details are sketchy. According to the local stations Fox and NBC there is a woman being treated at the USA Medical Center in Mobile who presented symptoms of Ebola. While the woman has not been to any infected countries she apparently has family who recently returned from Africa.

It will be interesting to see if she turns up positive and how that plays out. To have a case this far from the one identified in Texas would add a little more to the fear of the disease spreading, and discredit the idea that the government has any idea how to control or stop the spreading at this point.

Updates will come with new info.

Update 1: According to the recent news cast police have shut down the ER and no one is being allowed in. Again no idea if it really is Ebola, however NBC says the chances are low, it appears they are taking as few chances with this as possible.

Update 2: So apparently her family that went to Africa were in the Republic of Congo and not an affected area. Add to that they have been back for 45 days. If that is completely accurate and everything I have heard about it, then the chances of it being Ebola just became even smaller.


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