Judicial Watch wins Again. DOJ finally complies with court ruling on documents.

So Judicial Watch strikes again. You just have to know they are on the IRS’s list. Either way, in their ongoing legal battle to force the Obama Administration to provide the information about the laws they broke, comes another win.

They were finally able to get the DOJ to turn over the Vaughn Index a listing of 15,662 documents concerning Fast and Furious. You know that little plan of giving weapons to drug cartels in Mexico.

Anyway, Brian Terry is dead, and Obama thinks that emails between Eric Holder and his wife are ripe for Executive Privilege. The DOJ had asked for an extension until Nov 3, or as the rest of us call it, the day before elections was denied by the Judge.

Add another name to the IRS’s list I’m sure.

So on top the email convo’s between Holder and his wife and his mom, because everyone knows mom is instrumental in policy, it all shows that Holder was very much involved in covering this up and producing the talking points to hide all of this.

Then there is this: Oh and serious props to Katie Pavlich who does amazing work.

Keep in mind the White House has denied any involvement with Operation Fast and Furious when it was active between 2009 and 2010. The documents described in this list indicate otherwise. Further, former White House National Security Advisor Kevin O’Reilly was in contact with former ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division William Newell about the details of the operation. Previous reporting shows at least three White House officials were aware of or involved in the operation despite denials after Congressional inquiries about the scandal. 

Now we have proof that the White House knew about this the entire time. So the question is does Obama know?

So he is either the most controlling President ever, or the most completely uninformed President ever, depending on who you talk to.

Personally it has been obvious from the beginning he knew. Holder knew. This entire plan was to give life to the 90% myth about guns in Mexico being from the U.S. Add to that it would allow them to push for stricter gun control laws.

Face it folks, this is going to come out. Judicial Watch is pretty determined to put their hands on the actual documents not on a DOJ description of them. That is when the real fun will begin. Obama has to let that happen soon so that he can pardon Holder. If this plays out until after he gets out of office, then who saves Holders bacon from jail? And better yet, if Obama can’t pardon him, exactly what reason does he have to keep his mouth shut?

How much honor is there between asshats?

Either way, pass the popcorn, between this and the coming losses in the midterm elections things are about to get interesting.

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