Machete’s are out in Africa

We send troops and health care workers to assist in the fight against ebola in Africa. Those in Africa respond by forming a riot and raising machetes and shovels to prevent the testing of a 90 year old woman.

Well maybe those troops have a role after all. After all the 101st Airborne is probably pretty capable of taking care of some machete wielders. Ebola, on the other hand, seems harder to deter with an M-4. Then again what do I know.

So we do everything we can to help and they attack with machetes? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised it’s not like it’s the first time health workers were attacked by psycho’s in Africa. On Sep 19th eight bodies were found in Guinea after they went missing. Officials, reporters, and medical officers were among the eight. Yup, that seems like a place just begging for our help.

This one happened in Sierra Leone. Medical people simply wanted to test a 90 year old woman to see if she had it, when people decided they didn’t like that idea, caused a riot and broke out the machetes. That seems like a logical response.

Dinesh D’souza made a theory in Roots of Obama’s rage that Africa is as bad as it is, not because European nations colonized it, but because they didn’t colonize it long enough. Seems like a logical theory to follow. After all it’s not like they are making it all that great on their own.

Tribal loyalties, lack of understanding of modern technology, and perverse superstition throughout the continent seems to make it very unlikely to be popping up well oiled functioning governments anytime soon. Although it’s not like ours is really that efficient either.

So what to do? At a minimum no one should be allowed out of any of those countries without complete quarantine for 21 days. Just to be safe, let’s go ahead and quarantine them in their next location for 21 days again.

Personally I would much rather the approach that no one leaves those countries. Sure as hell not to come here. And no Washington, I don’t believe that simply checking their temperature and sending them on their way is a good plan.

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