Possible Ebola in Harlem Updated: Confirmed

So let’s get a few things covered real quick. I am not always here, I do have a life people, but when something catches my eye I come and force my opinions on you. Some of you like it, some of you don’t, but you all read it. I’m just kidding I’m very thankful for each and every one of you that comes along to hear my rambling rants. With that let’s get to the fun.

Ebola is in New York! Ebola is in New York! Ebola is in New York!

Wait, no, ok so ebola may be in New York. Turns out a guy who just returned from Guinea 10 days ago after treating people for ebola, turns up vomiting and with a 103 degree fever.

So as you would expect Craig Spencer, a person with the necessary medical training to go assist in the fight against ebola in Africa, promptly quarantined himself for 21 days and made sure to go out of his way to avoid even possibly infecting anyone right?

Well no, actually it turns out that he took his ebola infection out for a night of bowling and fun. Oh and he took an Uber ride to get there. Nope no chance of spread there. Oh did I mention he had also spent some time with his live in fiancee since his return.

Now I have spent some time away from my family before. He had been gone from his fiancée since at least September 18th. So anyone else things might have led to some fluid exchanges after his month long absence?

So he is being treated and no idea if he has ebola, but it definitely fits. Its within the incubation period and the symptoms look right. His apartment has been sealed. Which I’m sure makes all the neighbors feel amazing. Although one neighbor Brooke Christensen said she’s not that concerned since she doesn’t swap body fluids with her neighbors.

Which I think we can all agree is just good policy, ebola or not.

I hope the guy doesn’t have ebola. A confirmed case in Harlem could be bad depending on how many neighbors do exchange body fluids with each other.

Either way we here at the Handbook hope he gets better soon.

Update: Well it is confirmed by Fox News and others. Dr. Spencer does in fact have Ebola. Nothing really more to say than I did last night. After all a trained Dr. should know better than to be galavanting around the city during the incubation period. Add to that he used a cab and the subway, all to go bowling, while showing up with 103 degree fever the next day seems.. less than intelligent.

So now workers scramble to figure out everyone this guy came in contact with and if he was able to exchange any fluids with them. So buckle up folks, this one could get bumpy.

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