Elections, mandates, and what the hell happened to our country.

So watching the news right now, it appears that the GOP has a better shot to take the Senate and make more gains in the House than I gave them credit for. While I understand that all the indicators showed the GOP would win tonight I always believed they would find a way to lose it. The reason being is that as a party they are horrible. The base doesn’t trust them, rightfully so, and they always find a way to lose because they refuse to come out strongly in support of the constitution and screw who they anger.

Few candidates ran campaigns this way, but as a party they are weasels. We shall see how things go. Look at the race in VA right now, Gillespie wasn’t supposed to be close though here we are too close to call.

What does that mean? Mostly I think it means with few exceptions of places like NY CA an IL and a few others people realize the reason we still have no jobs and economic growth is the idiots in DC and mostly those with D’s after their name. Although to be fair, those with R’s ain’t exactly lighting it up either.

So we shall see how this turns out. It is possible that they win, and they just might, but what will it mean? Will it be the abrupt turn to the Constitution, personal responsibility, and liberty? Probably not, more than likely just a slightly slower march to the epic fail we are currently headed towards.

Stay tuned we will continue to talk about it as the mood strikes.

So FOX just called that LA will go to the runoff in Dec. Not surprising but since I had a small hope inside of my heart just to see that woman go away quickly I didn’t want the run off. Oh well such is life.

We have focused on the Senate a lot here so far because that is the more national idea. Who will control the Senate is pretty important. But don’t forget about the Governor races. Walker still too close to call which is kind of amazing when you figure how well he’s done for WI, but stupidity can’t be cured as they say.

Then in FL you have R turned I turned D, while a slimeball the whole time in Charlie Crist is trying to become Governor again only as a D instead of an R this time. Has that happened before? Anyone got an answer to that question?

At some point we have to look at how this happens. How can people be so easily duped into voting for someone who obviously will say anything to get elected?

Well it looks like Allahpundit won’t have to take a flamethrower to everything after all. Gardner was just called in CO. Congrats to HotAir for not having to verify that flamethrower damage was in their insurance policy.

And with the results in Montana Fox News is calling the win to Steve Daines giving the GOP 5 of the 6 they need to flip the Senate tonight. This is to replace Obamacare author Max Baucus, and a Dem senate seat since Jesus walked the earth. I exaggerate, only slightly though.

Tillis is still holding a slight and I mean very slight lead in NC, so we shall see if he can hold off Hagan and everything Dems will do to erase his lead. Should he win that would be the six. Pat Roberts in KS, however, not pulling away and could bring that number back down to 5.

Call FL Scott able to win re-election in a race involving someone who can’t choose a party should have ever been.

And with that Walker wins re-election for about the 40th time in the last few years. With that sanity somewhat prevails in at least part of the world tonight.

Well Pat Roberts just won re-election in KS. So that takes away that idea of winning the six needed then losing in KS and thus losing the majority.

On another note I have been watching the NH race with it continually tied with 49 or 50 a piece and still 20 or so percent to come in. Walker is refusing to concede and will challenge the results, which I will be honest, I keep waiting for Fox to pull the call for Shaheen, so we shall see.

With that the Senate is now in the hands of the GOP. So they have their mandate now let’s see them actually enforce it.

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