Now govern.

So last night was a great night for the GOP if not true conservatives as a whole. The GOP was able to take out 4 sitting Senators, and probably a 5th come Dec 6, when Landrieu has to face Bill Cassidy heads up in the run – off. Win LA and the GOP is guaranteed 54 seats in a body that the Dems held 60 seats just 4 years ago.

All in all things are looking up. Took out Hagan in NC with a Tillis win, almost took VA, IA now belongs to Earnst, CO with Gardner and, AK came to it senses which allowed Cotton to smack down Pryor.

All good things, all good things. On another note the GOP destroyed the Dems even worse in the State Houses. Governor Mansions all over the country became Red last night, even places like MD managed to gain a touch of sanity.

So what does this all mean. Well first as has been talked about alot, the idea of the war on women meme should be buried in the desert somewhere. Secondly, Reid announced that this was a mandate from the people for the two sides to work together. Which makes me think he mixed up his medication for the night. The red pill Senator, the red pill.

What it means is this. The economy still sucks, labor participation is horrible, ISIS still wants  you dead, and the President still has no idea what to do in life outside of a pitching or sand wedge.

So now you have to govern Republicans. You have been clamoring for years that you can’t do anything because you only owned one part of the government. Well now you own 2. You own the most powerful part of government as written by the Constitution. You own the money, you control the oversight, you control the appointments. What are you going to do with it?

Do you have the guts to govern and say no? Will you have the guts to make meaningful cuts to the size and scope of this government? To force the IRS, DOJ, State, and this administration to actually play by the rules?

If not, then go ahead and pack your bags now because you won’t be there long. The American people sent a message across the board last night. What we have right now is horrible and no one wants it. So fix it.

As I said last night, You have your mandate GOP, now lets see you enforce it.

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