Myths of a Government Shutdown

So looking around I’m seeing alot of calls for shut downs of the government, and some targeted defunding of certain provisions to prevent Obama from implementing his executive amnesty plan. While we here at The Handbook are for anything that will shrink the size of government lets take a close look at that whole shutdown thing.

First off in 2013, the shutdown that would destroy the GOP experts claimed, only actually shut down 17% or so of the government. Why? Becuase some things can’t just be turned off. We can’t shut down the military, if SS checks don’t go out then their might be riots of old people, walkers and oxygen bottles flying, and we don’t need that. Medicare and Medicade still have to be able to pay for people who get sick or hurt and are enrolled. I also noticed that Congress was still in session for that brief unfulfilling period.

So what did get shut down? Well according to, NASA, HUD, EPA and Ed lost 94%-97% of their emplyees? While I like the work NASA does, anyone really see a problem here?

Let’s see Treasury down 82%, White House down 74%, SBA down 62%, HHS down 52%, and the FDA down 45%.

Know what all this tells me? That right off the top 17% of our government is useless and can be done away with.

Outside of Obama roping off monuments that are in the open with his idiotic plan to stop veterans from visiting the WWII memorial, what part of your life was injured? Really, tell me I’m dying to know. I want one person that was truly affected by this in their everyday life. Those furloughed not withstanding.

So what does all this mean. It means we have 17% to play with. SHUT IT DOWN. Shut it down hard. Make them make the hard choices. Oh you want to continue the Dept of Ed? Well you have to pull that money from a different agency. I hear the EPA is pretty useless these days.

Now this in no way means to stop paying our debt. We incurred that debt, and are obligated to pay it. Add to the fact that the government still takes in money each month. Only now they have to decide how to properly spend it. With a shutdown should come a complete and total dedication to never raising the debt limit again, and in fact lowering it once some of the debt is paid down. Although the likelyhood of that happening is extremely slow.

So once again a shut down only equates to 17% and the reason DC hates the idea is that people will learn they don’t need that 17%. Once that happens how long until they start looking at the rest of it and figuring they don’t need that either.

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