A response to an Empirical EO

So it would appear that POTUS will be using his pen tonight to issue an Executive Order granting amnesty to millions of leaches on our system. Yes, I called them leaches, because they are. They commit a felony by crossing our border, they further commit felonies by stealing SS numbers to work, which the IRS doesn’t even notify those that have had their identity stolen to protect the privacy of an illegal alien felon, then they further leach the system by invading schools and emergency rooms. None of this they pay since they don’t pay any taxes.

Not that we here at The Handbook are fans of taxes, but since I got to pay them, illegals shouldn’t get to miss out on the joy that is the IRS shoving a spotlight up your rectum every year.

So tonight Obama will issue his decree on Univision directly to those future Democrat voters he so desperately wants to legalize. The question becomes what is the proper response.

Ted Cruz is calling for a complete block of all his nominations and appointments, and I like that plan on principle but I don’t believe it goes far enough. It won’t hurt enough. Impeachment seems to be a dream too far, since the politics involved seem difficult to get out to the mass populace and not have them believe the lie that it was done because Obama is half-black.

The question becomes how to make it hurt, and turn it in a way that the populace understands it is his fault. Teaching the masses the Constitution at this point seems to be a head into brick effort, that has to be a long game kind of thing, and we need something that will be understood now.

Right now there is work on a bloated omnibus bill to pay for the government after Dec 11. Stop. Right now. Stop. Pass nothing. I hear people like Rove screaming that we will destroy the brand and 2016 and all that crap. Yes, the GOP will be blamed. So what. By the time 2016 comes around no one will remember it anyway.

So stop. Wait until Jan when you control both houses. Then send individual bills to the Presidents desk to fund the Government. Make him shut it down longer. Make him veto each bill.  Once every part of the government has funding except those that need funds to enforce or enact his temper tantrum EO, make it known they will never receive funding until such time it is rescinded.

There is no way to fight this without looking like racist assholes to the media. So accept that fact and move on. Everytime someone brings up the idea this is because your a racist simply state that it is obvious you have won the argument since they can only resort to name calling. Logic has escaped them, and the facts are not on their side. Make them go on the defensive.

Continually push bills through Congress. Good conservative bills that shrink government and reduce the crushing burden of government regulation on business and people alike.

Will any of this work. I don’t know, but it would work better than just bowing down and accepting it. Make it so each time the media gets into a lather about one thing, simply change the story, pass a new bill to piss them off. Continually do it. Make it so every week they are reporting that Congress passed this bill, and Congress passed that bill. Let Obama veto them all.

Then let the masses understand who is the party of No.

Of course convincing the populace that gridlock is a function of the system, and is infact supposed to be there would be a better long term strategy, much teaching of the Constitution, but we ain’t got that kind of time. That doesn’t mean don’t start though.

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