IRS admits to sending Tax info to White House. Refuses to release documents showing why.

Well now. This is interesting. So it turns out that in the year of 2012, a year some of you may remember involved an election of some sort, the White House requested the tax information on at least 2,043 private individuals or businesses and up to as many as 2509. This of course depends on how many pages each request ran.

This was all brought about by the tireless work that Cause of Action has been doing in the courts to force the IRS to accept responsibility and do the job that the DOJ will never do. Turns out the IRS admits they have the paperwork that proves the White House requested taxpayer info, but refuse to turn it over due to “lack of express statutory exception” of 26 USC § 6103 which states that tax returns are not for public view unless Congress says its Ok.

Oh but there is an exception. You see the President himself, and only the President himself, can sign a request containing the following info to get those tax returns:

(A) the name and address of the taxpayer whose return or return information is to be disclosed,

(B) the kind of return or return information which is to be disclosed,

(C) the taxable period or periods covered by such return or return information, and

(D) the specific reason why the inspection or disclosure is requested.

Well then.. Now that brings a few new things out doesn’t it. You see the IRS say go screw yourself cause you don’t have that signed document from the President saying you are delegated to view tax returns. Mostly because he doesn’t like you, secondly because you are not an employee of the White House. Although the second probably stems from the first, but I digress.

So since no one is asking to see tax returns I fail to see the problem. You see there Mr. IRS man, we only want the letters of WHO was requested. And to see that little signature at the bottom of Obama. In real pen, signed by hand.

So what about the famous auto-pen? Any chance that was used here?

Face it, the IRS doesn’t want to turn this over because it goes straight to the top. No way that Obama can claim he heard about this on the news. Hell his signature will be right there. If his signature is not right there, well now we have a new ball game to play don’t we?

While the statute states that Congress must be notified, it also states that Congress can release the info if it is important to national matters. Well Congress, I would say this is of a national matter.

My next question is where is the requirement that the individual be notified that the highest reaches of government are requesting their tax returns? If these are so important that only few people are allowed to see them, how is it that the individual doesn’t get to know who is looking at them and why? Shouldn’t those requests have to be made known to the individual, say within 48 hours, and that nothing can be turned over until the individual agrees to it, or a court finds valid reason to have them turned over?

What purpose would the President have of looking at any one individual’s tax return? Does he not have better things to do? Like golf? Or I don’t know, his job?

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