Anger is growing.

So the CROmibus managed to squeak through last night after Obama put pressure on Dems to help it pass.

This removes some of the Dodd-Frank provisions, and allows more money to the parties from individual donors. While typically I believe the limits should be gone all together, removing them only so the establishments can prosper from it is rather…. unsettling.

So it has come to this, Fauxahontas  Warren and Ted Cruz appear to have something in common. Which means that the left and the right could possibly be about to team up and smack down the middle.

While agreeing with anything that woman says typically causes me heartburn, I agree this bill needs to die, though not really for her reasons, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend. For now.

Personally I want the Left and Right to have strong principled members. I think that Congress and America works better when both sides are diametrically opposed to each other. That way when they agree that a bill is horrible, you know it’s bad for America.

Look at what this bill did. Or didn’t do. It doesn’t stop amnesty, it doesn’t lower spending, and it basically cuts the legs from the next Congress before they can even get sworn in. Personally I would have rather seen nothing. Well I would have rather seen an actual bill that does something useful, but I would have settled for a bill that only goes out 45-60 days.

I want them under pressure. I want the pressure on them at all times. I want every dollar this government spends to be accounted for publicly and debated.

GOP “Leadership” claims they will pass a new bill next year to stop immigration. Bullshit. They will do nothing and expect us to like it. Yeah, I know DHS is only funded through February. Anyone actually believe they have the nuts to do anything meaningful? What about the rest of the government that is not Constitutionally allowed? Dept of Ed anyone? That one is specifically enumerated as a State power. Yet for 30 years here we sit.

Or the Individual mandate forcing you to buy a product that John Roberts managed to twist into something Constitutional. Or the mere fact that Obamacare takes over the health industry? Of course there is always that amnesty thing that Obama did by EO. Seems there is a mention of a Congress somewhere in that document.

Until at such time the GOP proves they have a spine and actually pass something that truly and meaningfully cuts government I will not believe a word they say about wanting smaller government. You shouldn’t either.

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