Trigger Warning? WTF is a Trigger Warning?

No seriously. Imagine my surprise this morning when perusing Hot Air and reading about the only response possible by any Professor worth a shit to a delicate sheltered youth begging for her statistics final to be pushed back because peoples feelings were hurt by grand jury decisions to read about this thing called a Trigger Warning.

The response by the way after a lengthy crap sandwich from the student was simple. No. But that isn’t the point here. What to my wondering eyes could this fantabulous Trigger Warning be?

I am apparently much older and whiter than even I imagined since I had never heard of it in this manner. Sure I had heard of a Trigger Event for an epileptic but that’s about it.

The only time I ever heard of a Trigger Warning was on the gun range, and told not to put my finger on a trigger until it was time to send lead at high rates of speed away from me.

So to the Urban Dictionary I go. See I’m not that old. Turns out it’s a way to warn people with delicate sensitivities that what they are about to read could destroy their life and provide them with facts or a truth they have, up to that point, been sheltered from.

From the Urban Dictionary:

A phrase posted at the beginning of various posts, articles, or blogs. Its purpose is to warn weak minded people who are easily offended that they might find what is being posted offensive in some way due to its content, causing them to overreact or otherwise start acting like a dipshit. Popular on reddit SRS or other places that social justice warriors like to hang out.

Trigger warnings are unnecessary 100% of the time due to the fact that people who are easily offended have no business randomly browsing the internet anyways. As a result of the phrases irrelevance, most opinions that start out with this phrase tend to be simplistic and dull since they were made by people ridiculous enough to think that the internet is supposed to cater to people who can’t take a joke.

Trigger warning: If you think this phrase needs to be posted before politically incorrect opinions, you don’t belong on the internets.

That is from the poster pottskiller. I think it pretty much sums it up.

So apparently to all the people I have offended with my posts, I guess I should take this time to say, You’re Welcome.

You see asshat, sometimes life sucks. Sometimes you hear things you don’t like. Sometimes you will have to do things, like work, school, life when you just don’t wanna.

Deal. With. It.

I will now return to my life of acting like I never knew this existed. Although I will use it to mock mercilessly those that think it should be a thing.

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