Patriots Needed in The House. Boehner must go.

For anyone new here let me make couple things known. I believe in a strict adherence to the Constitution. No man or party deserve blind loyalty and anything done in the “name of the people” should be closely scrutinized as to its following of the Constitution since it probably takes away more of your freedoms.

Those who promote, or vote for such bills should be removed instantly from office for violation of the Constitution and their oath to uphold it. For instance this CRomnibus that passed. Boehner made it seem as though the vote was delayed only to rush it to the floor and let Democrats, a party whose sole mission statement is screw the Constitution, pass it. This instantly hamstrings the new congress before it was even sworn in. Of course, that was the point of it all. The GOP can’t have all these new reps with morals and principles in place be trusted. No there were entirely too many wildcards in there to know if they would vote the way leadership wanted them too.

Thus is the reason John Boehner should be removed from office. Rep Louie Gohmert of Texas has thrown his hat in the ring, as has Ted Yoho of Florida. Either of these would be much more palatable. There is also some rumblings of trying to draft Trey Gowdy. Again, much better than the spineless asshat currently in that position.

Any of these men would actually fight and obey the Constitution. And there are those publicly coming out stating they will not vote for Boehner. All we need is enough to stand firm and make sure Boehner knows he will never get the majority.

Although it is important to note it should not stop there. No Boehner’s lieutenants should be removed as well. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise should be gone as well. Let there be no remnant of current leadership in a position of power. Leave them no place to turn. Continually putting the same people in the same positions of leadership will result in the same failed actions.

Just so it is known, I couldn’t care less who Scalise spoke to 12 years ago trying to become a State Senator. Since he wasn’t a member of said group, and from what it appears didn’t even speak to them after all, who gives a damn.

After it all, it’s not like he sat at weekly meetings for decades praising their racist mantras, unlike some people we currently have squatting on Pennsylvania Ave.

So remember, elections have consequences. Make sure the GOP establishment feels them. So stand firm and make sure there is a new Speaker come Wednesday. If there are not 30 members of the current House that refuse to vote for Boehner, then we need to look a little harder at who we are sending. 30 members can become king makers, all they have to do is grow a set and make it known that Boehner and his spineless type will no longer be tolerated.

Besides once it becomes apparent that he can’t win, others will leave him to curry favor with whoever looks like they will win.

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