McConnell doesn’t want to be scary. Will do nothing instead. Oh, and #FireBoehner.

While most of the news and commentary these next few days will revolve around the plan and hope to unseat Boehner as speaker, forget not the asshat in charge of the Senate.

You know Mitch McConnell. The guy who hates you as much as Boehner and Obama do. Hell all you have to do is look at what he just told the Washington Post to find out that the Senate will be doing absolutely nothing during the next two years if this guy is still in power.

During an interview in which he says that Republicans must not be “scary” he lays this gem down

“I think that’s the single best thing we can do, is to not mess up the playing field, if you will, for whoever the nominee ultimately is.”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. If there were any ideas in your mind that we might actually be able to push this country back onto a decent track, well you were high or not paying attention. The problem always has been and always will be GOP leadership. We know where the Dems stand on everything. We are talking about a group there that believes the Constitution is old and outdated and needs to be changed.

No, ladies and gentlemen, our problem is the people that are supposedly in charge of the “conservative” party. They are neither leaders, nor are they conservative.

Of course then there is this little shot across the bow

“They’d like to be relevant. They’d like to be part of the process,” he said of discussions with some rank-and-file Democrats. “Assuming we will have on most issues a largely unified conference — I don’t expect that on everything — it wouldn’t take a whole lot of Democrats to actually pass legislation in the Senate.”

Do any of you really think that is meant to scare Reid? No that is a shot at conservatives that if men with principle like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee don’t abandon those principles and play ball, McConnell will just go to the other side to get his votes.

Eerily similar to the way the asshat we are trying to get fired right now did with CRomnibus. So keep that in mind when pushing Boehner’s ouster and feeling that it is a lost cause. We already have one jelly fish in charge. We can’t afford to have two.

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