Freedom does not exist in the GOP controlled House.

So according to some places out there newly re-elected Speaker John “No Spine” Boehner has found his spine. Not to fight Obama or Dems or to protect the Constitution. No No. But those who had the gall to stand up and vote the way the people who elected them wanted them to vote. Now those people need to be punished.

Florida Reps Daniel Webster and Richard Nugent got themselves removed from the Rules Committee for daring to speak out and vote against leadership and Boehner.

Last I checked we had a Republic. We as the people, elect representatives to go and do OUR bidding in Congress. Don’t vote the way we want you to, we find someone who will. So what happens when that representative gets pressure from both sides? Vote the way his constituents want him/her to and face the wrath of “leadership”. Vote like “leadership” wants and face the wrath of the voters.

What is an elected official to do?  We all know how much the GOP “leadership” hate the idea of Constitution conservatism. They can’t stand the fact we have forced them to abscond from earmarks. That we constantly pull them to the right, or that we call them out every time they vote like the liberal they are.

Then we had the gall to send people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Louie Gohmert that decided that playing ball with “leadership” was not what they were sent there to do. How is the GOP “leadership” to control people with convictions and principles?

Let me make this very clear to both “leadership” and the rank and file. You, as a representative of the people, work FOR THE PEOPLE.

We don’t give a damn what cushy cocktail party you don’t get invited to. We don’t care whose feelings you hurt. We really don’t care if “leadership” hates you. In fact, having leadership hate you is a selling point.

See we want things to change. We are tired of being taken for granted, ignored, lied to, and ultimately insulted. It will stop.

So it is nice that Boehner and the GOP “leadership” are showing their true colors. We knew it all along, but seeing it so obvious now just makes it harder for everyone to ignore. We make the decisions on how a member will vote. That is OUR right. Not yours Mr. Speaker.

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