A lottery President. Why not?

So follow me here. I read that Romney is possibly, maybe, thinking about living like an average American, with an average income for a year to show he cares about the little guy. Now this little stunt could work in theory, if all his money was locked away completely from him, and he was forced to get a job, live in an average neighborhood and could completely hide his identity for a year to make it actually work.

Since none of that is possible, here is a new plan. Americans love a lottery, and we love an underdog. So lets make the Presidential election what it has truly become over the last few years, a damn side show.

Let’s have a lottery. For 10 bucks anyone can enter, although you must show your voter registration and are only eligible for that party’s nomination. Only allowed 1 ticket per person. Winner is the nominee.

I get it, there are some flaws with this plan. I mean a complete idiot could win the lottery, but that’s what the general election would be for right? Selecting the less stupid candidate? Isn’t that all we are doing now? But in all honesty, could some random stranger off the side of the road really do a worse job than the guy currently squatting at 1600 Penn Ave do?

Who knows an idea of actual life may prove to be useful in these situations. God knows electing the same families over and over hasn’t worked.

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