Why the Budget no longer matters in DC

The budget is the blue print that every business and household must use to map out their spending to avoid bankruptcy. Anyone who has tried to live without one has found themselves buried in debt with not much to show for it.

According to the Constitution in A1 S9 states the following:

a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time

Now most of us can use our common sense and note that what the founders meant was that a Budget must be passed and that the American people are due an explanation of every dollar spent by the Federal Government. When is the last time an audit of the Federal Government happened to show where every dollar went?

This is why the budget no longer matters in DC. A budget would lock them in. A budget requires them to announce to the people how much of our money they intend to extort and allows the people to see the dirty details. Politicians don’t like this. Sunlight prevents them from being able to hide kick backs and payoffs to those who got them into office.

All told there should be 12 appropriation bills and a budget passed each year, prior to Oct 1. The start of the new fiscal year. Honestly when is the last time this happened? Now think back to just 3 months ago in November and December when a massive omnibus bill had to be passed or the world would come to an end of fire and snow and global warming.

Can someone anyone tell me why 13 bills could not be individually debated and passed between January of last year and Sept? Yeah, I don’t have a logical answer either. But here is what it allows them to do. Go read that omnibus bill just passed and look at the amount of waste in it. For a definition keep the Constitution open next to you and if it is not expressly enumerated to the Federal Government it is wasteful spending. Not any of that read between the lines crap either. I mean expressly enumerated. Does it say it in black and white.

This is why. Politicians don’t want the budget and appropriations bills passed on time. If they did that people would have a true accounting of the waste of our extorted tax dollars before it happened, and that just cant be.

More proof its an inside joke is the budget the President is sending to Congress this year. Although it’s actually on time, which is an improvement. 4 trillion dollars. Just for an idea the US government did not make 4 trillion dollars last year they made 3.02 trillion. They aren’t going to make 4 trillion dollars this year. So that 19 trillion in debt? Yeah just keep watching those number roll by like a reel on a slot machine. All the time knowing that is your hard earned money going out the window.

So the next time a politician screams that if the omnibus isn’t passed by x date the world will end. Kindly remind him or her they had a year to pass all of them individually and that a lack of planning on their part does not constitute an emergency on ours.

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