I told you the GOP hates you.

Some of you didn’t believe me. Maybe you thought I was being harsh. Hate is such a strong word. Wait till after the election people screamed. The GOP will have control of both houses of Congress that’s when the real fighting will begin. Obama will be taught a lesson by those stalwarts of conservatism in the GOP “leadership.”

I work with a guy who couldn’t believe I would rather have seen Mitch McConnell lose his seat. “But that gives the libs another seat” he said. Yes. Although I will argue they already had it. In Mitch McConnell.

So after the 1 trillion dollar omnibus passed we were told just wait. We are going to tie DHS funding to the removal of Obama’s illegal amnesty. They wont be able to deny DHS the funding. They will have to cave, and even if they don’t the American people will see it’s the Dems hold it up.

They truly are stupid ladies and gentlemen. No one believed they would fight. No one believe they had the principles to follow the Constitution and force it. Damn it sucks to get proven right once again.

McConnell is splitting the DHS funding bill. Passing a clean bill and then is going to issue another bill revoking the amnesty. Apparently in his stupidity he believes that Democrats won’t filibuster that bill, or that Obama won’t veto it. He just wants to “get them on the record”.

Well dumbass, getting them on the record does not solve the problem of 5 million illegal immigrants infesting this country. You just gave up every bit of leverage you had. You sir, are a spineless asshat.

Now we are seeing some conservatives in Congress are none to happy about this turn of events. I mean they expected to get out from under Harry Reid’s rule of the Senate. McConnell just gave it right back to him, and proved himself to be utterly useless in the process.

I want to see conservatives in the Senate filibuster the clean bill. Screw it. The GOP was always going to get blamed for this anyway. Run with it. At least when you do it you can look at yourself in the mirror when you shave and know you stand for something.

I hope Boehner can never get the votes in the House to pass a clean bill. I would love to see him go back to Reid and McConnell right now and say it ain’t happenin. The bill will never even see the light of day in the House. The only bill that will pass the house is one that removes amnesty. Grow up get a set.

Of course all this is dream land. Boehner will cave, McConnell already did. And just like that we slide a little bit closer to monarchy and the destruction of the checks and balances our founding fathers were smart enough to bless us with. Apparently, Mr. Franklin, we were not able to keep it. Our apologies.

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