And we have a Congress why?

I told you a week ago what was going to happen. I told you years ago that the GOP hates you. Maybe the message got through, maybe it didn’t and yet here we sit. Screwed by a spineless asshat and his merry gang of useful dumbasses.

This started in December. We allowed the House to start us on this ignorant plan of stupidity. We will fight amnesty with DHS funding they claimed. We knew they were lying. In fact we said so at the time. Everyone did. All over the internet. EVERYONE.

So now much like predicted Boehner caved. Not that surprising. This does not mean I can see the future. What it does prove is that yes. The GOP hates you, and could care less about separation of powers, or the Constitution.

Boehner should not be allowed to continue in his current role. I don’t care if Big Bird get his spot. At least Big Bird read the Constitution and could teach you about it with a great song while you ate cereal in front of the TV on Saturday morning.

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