Religion, Churches, Evil, and a Flag

I grew up Catholic. I went to catechism. I was confirmed. I learned a lot during my childhood years about evil, God, and the ultimate blessings that God bestowed upon us, one of which being free will.

You see God could have made us all love him. He could have made it so that we would never stray. But taking away that free will would also reduce us to robots. His love would never truly enter our hearts in the way that he intended. We had to be able to choose his love. We as an individual and a civilization had to be willing to ask him to enter our hearts and fill us with his love. Those that did were guaranteed eternal life in heaven with him, those that turned away from him, well less so.

With the advent of free will came sin. Sin was a turn away from God. But in his graciousness he still gave us an out. He sent his only child down from heaven to die for our sins so that we may be saved. Pretty serious love there if you ask me.

Choosing Christ is a conscious decision one has to make. Even more so it is a decision one has to work at constantly through prayer and dedication. Evil temptation is all around us everyday. The devil needs more minions. The devil needs more souls to wage war against Christ.

Those souls are taken from those that choose to repeal God from their life. To these people nothing is sacred. Everything is based on the moment and personal restraint and responsibility is unneeded. After all if there is no God who are you to judge me.

For everything we have learned about Dylan Roof, we know his home life was not that great. There were abandonment issues, a father that doesn’t seem like much of a father, and a child growing up in anger.

I haven’t read much about a church life or a Christian presence in his life. Seems one of the few times if not the only he walked into a church was to commit an abhorrent act of evil. Even that almost didn’t happen though. He admitted he almost couldn’t go through with it because of how nice the people were to him. God was trying to show him a better way. The devil ultimately won when he turned his back on God’s will by murdering 9 people.

Now there are people out there telling us that the problem was a flag. Specifically the Confederate Battle Flag. For a little history, I have had the Stars and Bars on my bikes and cars. I grew up in the South. I am also something of a history nut. So I understand the true meaning behind that flag. Slavery played a part in the Civil War. It was that final straw to break our country into war. It was not however the only straw.

An overbearing Federal Government overstepping its stated roles was the larger issue. There were no lifetime commitments that I can read anywhere in the Constitution. The states willfully entered and agreement together. Some of them decided they no longer wanted to be part of that agreement. The others decided to start a war to force them to stay.

Now will someone please convince me how a flag, an inanimate object that flaps in the wind, MAKES someone do something they didn’t already want to do. So now we see another part of our nations history become off limits. Your feelings on the flag have nothing do with the historical value of that flag. This concept is like saying the Nazi’s killed Jews because the swastika made them. It’s dumb, and a mind numbing argument and it shows a complete lack of understanding of, well, life.

At an ever quickening pace we are seeing what happens when God is forced from the public square. Evil is everywhere, and God is our greatest weapon in that fight against evil. Taking away God allows evil to run rampant.

Evil caused that kid to walk in a kill 9 people. Evil. Not the Confederate Flag. Evil. But hey you go ahead and censor the Dukes of Hazard I’m sure that will stop the next evil from happening.

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