My Public Admission


I feel it is important in this day and age to let the world know where I stand and how I identify. See it appears that identity politics are possibly more important to this failing country than the ideals and concepts we were founded on.

Our founding documents are now irrelevant. Our founding fathers are seen as racist old white men constantly screaming for people to get off their lawn. Count me into that group. My lawn is the founding documents of this once great Republic. The idea that they suddenly mean something different than they did at their writing is laughable and the idea should be shamed and ridiculed right back to the arrogance and stupidity from whence it came.

With that I officially announce my inclusion into the Heterosexual group of America and from this point will be fighting for Hetero Christian Rights. The greatest part about this is that nature, the Bible, all of human history and the very continuation of the human species agrees with me and is on our side.

See no matter how many “rights” the 5-6 idiots in black robes think they find they will never be able to change the laws of nature, nor the laws of God. When a child is born with two “x” chromosomes they are what has always been recognized as a woman or a female. The introduction of a “y” chromosome changes that to a man or a male. There is no room for debate on this. If those of you looking for science to claim as settled this is where to start, no global warming, or climate change, or whatever asshattery you have come up with this week.

No matter what Facebook allows you to claim as a gender there are only 2. Male and Female. They are naturally attracted to each other for the procreation of the species. Anything other than that is against nature, and by that fact alone a conscious choice made, not a gene born with.

Don’t like my views? I don’t care. Does it piss you off that I refuse to back down? I don’t care. I will not be made to care, I will not accept perversion as natural and I will not accept abomination against God as something equal to the covenant he created for Man and Woman to join into.

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One Response to My Public Admission

  1. tealcspal says:

    Totaly agree with you on this one. The stupidity of the “I’m a women trapped in a mans body”, states that God made a mistake. God does not make mistakes. As you stated earlier, God leaves us to make choices. Only someone who is ignorant can say that and belive it.

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