Anyone from any country can vote in America. Legal or not

The Supreme Court has decided not to hear the case Kobach v. United States Election Assistance Commission. What this does is hold the lower court ruling that ID and proof of citizenship is not needed to register to vote since fear of prosecution of perjury would be enough to stop people breaking immigration law from breaking voting law.

That make sense to anyone? So we are to believe that being threatened with perjury will be enough to stop someone who is already violating the law from doing it again. It is the same stupid idea that outlawing guns will stop crime because criminals won’t want to break the law to help them… break the law… errr. Yeah I see that logic.

Face it our Supreme Court with the exception of 3 now hates you just as much as the Establishment of both parties. The Federal Government is not “for” you. They are for themselves. The ratification of the 17th Amendment neutered the last representation that the State itself had. After the punishment handed down to people like Rep Meadows for voting the way the people who put him in office wanted and not the way Boehner wanted him to, even if it was rescinded, showed that the Peoples representation in the House is no longer ours either.

So if our government was designed to be subservient to the people, staffed by regular everyday Americans, someone explain to me where do we go for recourse? The courts obviously have no interest in reading the Constitution and Congress can’t give away its power away fast enough, so tell me would our government still be acceptable to our founding fathers? And if not why do we allow it?

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