Donald Trump couldn’t win the GOP Nomination. Could he?

That is not to say he won’t. Or even saying that he will. I say that he shouldn’t. In theory. I’ve read a lot of articles about his candidacy since he announced and everyone seems to hold the same premise. He is all about himself, he is too loud, he will make it a spectacle and he’s going to flame out.

Now typically we expect our politicians to be fairly straight laced professional statesmen. This is the person who will for all intents and purposes represent our country to the rest of the world. So how is it a man with, shall we say, a flair for the dramatic continually moving up in the polls.

Simple he has a spine. With all the years of Boehner and McConnell and the rest of the weak spineless GOP Congress. Add that to the wastes of time that were the McCain and Romney campaigns and you can start to see why a man who has zero filter and willing to back up his claims, as proven by his lawsuit against Univision, resonates.

I have to admit when he announced I figured it was a stunt. Donald wants the world to see Donald. His ego drives him to be front and center. But his ego is also what allows him to possible pull off an upset.

Think about this. What room does the Donald walk into and not instantly take over. He wants to be in charge, he wants to be the center, he wants to see his views and ideas heard by everyone. In this National Journal article it says that in the debates the other candidates can mock him to make him look small. Do you honestly believe a man with an ego the size of his, and a personality to match it will allow someone else to make him look small or force him to backtrack on his comments?

That is what drives his rise in the polls. Sure most people still hate him personally according to his favorable/unfavorable. What he does do is fight though. I realize others have said this before but think about what I said earlier.

He is too loud, too boisterous, wants it to be a spectacle, basically he’s going to take the reality show that was Presidential politics and turn that up to 11. He wants it to be a spectacle. He wants to put the rest of them on his turf, where he knows how to win.

Think about the most popular reality shows out there. They are all about trainwrecks. Something tells me the Donald will make this much more of a reality show trainwreck than ever before.

But it shouldn’t be. The Office of the President, not any individual who held it, but the Office itself should be revered. Will this cheapen it? Better question, at this point does anyone care?

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2 Responses to Donald Trump couldn’t win the GOP Nomination. Could he?

  1. I don’t accept the premise that Donald Trump enters rooms and takes over. That’s only a TV character he plays. If he walked into an executive conference room at the White House, the qualified experts in places like that would laugh at his level of ignorance, then tell him to go back to his dressing room.

    I would LOVE it if he got the nomination. He would be so easy to destroy in a real campaign. But I’m afraid it’s only an entertaining fantasy.


    • Well the first problem would be accepting that those running the country under any admin are “experts” seems their expertise has been less than expert for quite some time on multiple fronts.
      While his campaign seems like the less than optimal one to run there is something to be said for someone unafraid of criticism.
      That being said in a room of egos it’s hard to find one larger than Trumps.

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