Islam innocent. Confederate Flag guilty.

So ISIS the JV team over there in the Middle East that seems to kill anyone in their path with extreme brutality is not really Islamic claims our President. But look at what he said exactly then watch where I go with this.

“They no more represent Islam than any madman who kills innocents in the name of God represents Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Hinduism. No religion is responsible for terrorism. People are responsible for terrorism.”

People Mr. President? As in personal responsibility? So the religion of Islam doesn’t cause terrorism, people do, but guns and flags cause murder, drugs cause addiction, and forks cause obesity.

Very well Mr. President but you only get to have this one way. You can’t have it both. What about a few changes to that statement?

“He no more represents the Confederacy than any madman posing with a different flag represents France, Brittan, China, or Japan. No flag is responsible for murder. Deranged mentally sick people are responsible for murder.”

Well now. Isn’t that intriguing? A group that openly is Islam. Openly and proudly states they are following the teachings of Islam aren’t really Islam, but a guy who took a picture with a flag was forced to murder 9 innocent people in a Holy Church by that flag.

So a stated purpose and belief by ISIS is not really what they are doing according to our President. But anyone with a Confederate Flag is an extremely disturbed person that identifies with Dylan Roof and will one day murder in the sanctity of a Church.

I am not denying that ISIS is Islamic. Nor am I denying that Dylan Roof was a mentally disturbed racist. But ISIS claims to be Islamic, Roof never claimed to be part of the Confederacy. We are pretty certain in the knowledge the Confederacy never claimed him. Dylan was not part of the Confederacy.  Anyone verify his age or time travel capability lately? So he in essence stole a flag from a different group and attempted to co-opt it.

But relax Wal-Mart will still make you an ISIS Flag cake if you need it for your child’s next Jihad party. Just don’t ask them to make a flag cake from our country’s history.

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